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My 2020 Healthy Habits for Success

I took this photo at the top of Skaros Rock in the Village of Imerovigli, Santorini. It was an awesome climb!

My wife and I have a lot of big things planned this year. To be successful, I would have to be serious about doing away with some bad habits that have slowed me down in the past: Not sleeping, eating too much junk food, not sticking to my workout program, and spending too much time …

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Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions, Do This Instead

If you ever made a new year’s resolution, you already know how quickly they fall by the wayside, but you’re not alone. Businessinsider polled 1,000 people and found that 80% of them failed to continue towards their goals by mid-February. That is less than two months of commitment! As you can see from the infographic …

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How We Overcame Our Fear of Investing

Unless you were raised by personal finance ninjas, the thought of investing your hard-earned money can be a scary thought. Constant predictions of market crashes and mysterious bubbles bursting doesn’t help either. My wife and I kept 99% of our money in cash and very little of it was invested in our retirement accounts, let …

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How To Always Be Prepared For A Recession (Part 2)

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1. Otherwise, let’s plow forward into how you can prepare for the next recession 5. Invest your money regularly Regularly investing in your retirement accounts will get you used to weathering stock market pullbacks. It will build your tolerance for ignoring the noise when the next recession happens. …

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Why Fall is the Most Important Season for Your Personal Finances

Leaves are falling, sweaters are out, and pumpkin spice – beloved or bemoaned – has made its seasonal appearance. And while the best parts of summer have become little more than memories, many Americans are still feeling the financial effects of the warmer months. According to a LendEDU seasonal spending survey, summer, as it turns …

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9 Transformations On The Road To Financial Independence

While taking our personal finance onto another level, a few small changes led to larger transformations that both simplified and elevated our lives. Transformation #1: The Personal Finance Ninja I’d like to credit this term to Stephanie, from Becoming a personal finance ninja is exactly how I would describe our transformation. We became more …

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