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My 2022 Investment Strategy: Uncertain Times Are Here

I initially wrote this post in mid-February 2022 and the stock market was not looking so good. Currently, stock market sentiment is still not great. This is why I adjusted my investment Strategy during uncertain Times With this market correction and fears of world war III, I figured that I would share my investment strategy …

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50 Ways To Save Money On A Low Income

Flower growing out of pennies

Saving money is challenging for the vast majority of people, but finding ways to save money on a low income is exceptionally harder making it more important they start somewhere. Let’s learn some ways to save money when it seems like we don’t have much to begin with. How to Save Money on Food It …

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How We Spent $30,135.43 in 2020

Pie Chart of 2020 Expenses

Often, the perception of what you spend and what you actually spend can be two different things. The purpose of this post is to realign these perceptions to reality. In 2020, we somehow spent dramatically less than we did last year. I’ll comment on this further at the end of the article. For now, I’ll …

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December 2020 Update: 57% To Financial Independence

I’m a little late for this December update, but who’s keeping track besides myself. During my last update, I reduced the frequency of these reports from monthly to biannual to free up more time for my other projects. Well, I’m making another adjustment and decided to only write this update once a year. This is …

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8 Financial New Year’s Resolutions To Make You Rich In 2021

One of the things many people strive towards at the beginning of each year is on how they can improve their financial situation. With the wealth gap forever increasing, it’s more important now than ever to make sure you set yourself up for success. Whether or not you did well financially in the past, it …

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Why I Started A Private Practice

Person Massaging someone's upper back

Starting a private practice has been on my mind for a few years. It has been one of those things that I told myself I would do, but I kept on pushing it off because of one thing or another. If it wasn’t student debt, it was a lack of confidence. If it wasn’t that, …

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Our Adjusted Budget Can Make Us $30,000 Richer

COVID-19 initially sent our investments plummeting by $100,000. I am glad we held strong, but I spent more time thinking about timing the market than I would like to. To strengthen the resolve of my investment strategy, I created my kick-ass investment policy statement which serves as a great reference whenever I need to make …

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