MARVEL at Lifestyle Inflation: Dr. Strange

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Myself and Mrs. Flexcents go to the theaters once or twice a year. Recently, we watched The Avengers: Infinity War on opening weekend. Days later, we found ourselves watching Doctor Strange. I know, It was released in 2016, so we’re late to the game. If you still don’t want any spoilers, go watch it! Then come back to this article.

What Does Lifestyle Inflation Have to do With Dr. Strange?

Dr. Strange was portrayed as a world-class neurosurgeon who was involved in a tragic car accident that rendered his hands useless for his career and trashed his Lamborghini (This is why you keep your eyes on the road). He explored all medical avenues to restore the function of his hands, but his injuries were too severe.

It didn’t take long before he looked like shit and continued on his downward spiral. Before he drove away the one girl who cared for him, she said something that caught my attention: “You’ve always spent money as quickly as you could make it, but now you’re spending money you don’t even have.” Moments later into the film, he exclaimed that he spent his last cent on a one-way ticket to explore alternative treatments.

As a top neurosurgeon with years of experience, he likely earned nearly a million dollars a year. He was not financially stressed, but he was not financially savvy either. Living a lifestyle that cost nearly a million dollars a year, he should have had insurances and contingency plans if something should happen to him if he were to ever stop working due to disability. Fortunately, it worked out for Dr. Strange as he became a master of the mystic arts.

I know this is a just a movie and certainly not one about money, but it does bring up some real stuff.

Tragedies happen and you do not want to be living paycheck to paycheck when they do.

Dr. Strange was not only the victim of a tragic automobile accident, but he was also likely a victim of Lifestyle Inflation

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